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Saturday Recap: 2022 National Relay For Life Awards

This is part of a series of posts announcing the 2022 Relay For Life awards.


Thank you to everyone who tuned into this year’s 2022 Nationwide Relay For Life Awards Week!


What better way to end our week of amazing events, teams, and volunteers than by celebrating the success of the Campus Relay movement. Below are the Top Campus Events by income!

College Top Income Events

Relay For Life of Virginia Tech

Relay For Life of UCLA

Relay For Life of James Madison University

Relay For Life of University of South Carolina

Relay For Life of Northeastern University

Relay For Life of University of Michigan

Relay For Life of University of Georgia

Relay For Life of Florida State University

Relay For Life of Saint Anselm College

Relay For Life of Rochester Institute of Technology

High School Top Income Events

Relay For Life of Father Ryan

Relay For Life of Union County Vocational Tech Schools

Relay For Life of Jaguar Nation

Relay For Life of Wayne

Relay For Life of Howell

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