Do you want to start texting at your event? There are many options!  

Which SMS vendor should you use? Which platform is right for my event? How do I get started? What should I send?

One to One texting
Limited Pilot
  • Reserved for Premier & top events
  • Intended to be conversational & encourage relationship building
  • Registration opt-ins are included, but audience is built with custom reports
  • Can easily segment audience to communication with current & previously registered participants


Broadcast Texting - One to Many
Available to ALL
  • All events are eligible
  • Push Messaging: Great for quick day-of broadcast messaging
  • Opt-in happens during registration process, through event website
    opt-ins or the event can share a shortcode to encourage opt in.
  • Cannot segment audience

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Staff Resources

Slicktext Resources

  • Slicktext Training – Coming Soon! 
  • Slicktext Best Practices and Sample Event & Challenge Texts 

Relay For Life 2024 Slicktext Strategy

A better communication plan utilizes SMS as part of that plan.  However, texting should only be  a small part of your overall event communication plan.  Here is what to expect:

Centralized Text Message Plan:


Almost There: National volunteer leaders will text individuals for you.

  •  Criteria:
    • Fundraising total: Almost Grand Club ($750-$999) & Almost All-Star ($2000-$2499)
    • 0 transactions in last month
    • Within a month of event date
  • Purpose:
    • Have individual conversations to coach fundraiser to raise more to get to next fundraising milestone
  • Message:
    • Hi [first_name], I’m [Volunteer_name] – a volunteer with Relay For Life’s support team. Thank you so much for your impressive fundraising so far. Did you know that if raise $1000, you’ll be a part of the Grand Club and earn an exclusive reward? Can I help you with ideas to reach your next fundraising milestone?


  • As part of national and region challenges, centralized text messages may be sent via Slicktext to opted in constituents.

Local Text Message Plan:


12 Weeks before your event:

  • Promote your keyword to opt in to texts via email, web, phone & in person meetings
  • If your event has utilized Slicktext in the past – send one text inviting people to sign up if they haven’t already.

8 weeks before your event:

  • Follow the recommended event promotional plan >

Any local fundraising challenges

  • Follow the recommended challenge promotion plan >


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