Nationwide Community Fundraising Leadership Team

The Nationwide Community Fundraising Leadership Team (NCFLT) was created in 2020, merging volunteer leadership from all of the major community fundraising properties into a cohesive team in the fight against cancer. The NCFLT works to represent and support community fundraising for Relay For Life, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, DetermiNation, and other community fundraising initiatives for the American Cancer Society. The team is responsible for creating and driving national and regional strategy for these major funders of the Society’s life-saving work. 

The NCFLT is made up of approximately 30 volunteers that work directly with 15-20 staff partners at the American Cancer Society.

The 2024 NCFLT volunteers and staff, pictured in Nashville, TN at the annual NCFLT meeting in January, 2024.

NCFLT Leadership

NCFLT Leadership provides overall direction, strategy, and leadership for all community fundraising event types.

Megan Kreft

NCFLT Volunteer Co-Lead

Ruth Fitzsimmons

NCFLT Volunteer Co-Lead

Katie Paulson

Senior Director, Regional Community Fundraising

Event Type Leads & Staff

Fundraising event leadership volunteers provide national and direction for the core fundraising events and support the implementation in collaboration with regional and strategic volunteer leaders.


Suzy Lawrence

Relay For Life
Volunteer Lead

Bryan Sherwood

Relay For Life
Senior Director

Yamile Rivera

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 
Volunteer Lead

Lisa Beck

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 
Volunteer Lead

Vicky Green

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Senior Director

Brandi Myers 

Endurance & DetermiNation
Volunteer Lead

Paul Purdy

Endurance, DetermiNation & Network Fundraising
Senior Director

Regional Leadership Volunteers

Regional leadership volunteers implement nation-wide and regional strategies to impact the success of community fundraising in their region.
  • Shelle Arnold (North Co-Lead)
  • Lisa Wilfong (North Co-Lead)
  • Roxie Smith (North Co-Lead)
  • Sarah Liporace (Northeast Co-Lead)
  • Marc Koll (South Co-Lead)
  • LaVonda Bailey (South Co-Lead)
  • Suz Burchak O’Neil (Southeast Co-Lead)
  • Jennifer Minard (California/Guam/Hawaii Co-Lead)
  • Shari Slover (California/Guam/Hawaii Co-Lead)

ACS Region Map

Strategic Leadership Volunteers

Strategic leadership volunteers focus on developing and implementing specific foundational strategies nationwide and across all the core events.
  • Heather Mills (Top Performers)
  • Diane Denoyer & Nan Jenkins  (Voices of Hope)
  • Sharon Chicano & Jenna Capuzzo (Fundraising)
  • Martell Marshall & Melissa McLain (Recognition)
  • Shelly Miller & Debbie McDonald (Survivor & Caregiver)
  • Stephanie Miller (Mission)


The National Campus and Youth Engagement Team Co-Leads represent their team on the NCFLT.

Sam Keimweiss

Volunteer Co-Lead

Megan Palestro

Volunteer Co-Lead

Dillon Spencer

National Director,
College & Youth Engagement
The NCYET provides support, develops resources for students, and facilitate the creation of a national network of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to the fight against cancer. The team partners with volunteers across the nation to further engage and support. Read More >
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