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Hope Lodge

Hope Lodge By Jake Konigsberg What is Hope Lodge?           Hope Lodges provide free, temporary care for both cancer patients and families undergoing treatment. Through Hope

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month By Jake Konigsberg   What is Lung Cancer Awareness Month? November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. This month is devoted to raising awareness about and advocating

ACS Bookstore

What is the ACS Bookstore? By: Jake Konigsberg The ACS Bookstore is an online store where one can buy books to help navigate life with cancer. This store is only

Leukemia Awareness

Leukemia Awareness By Jake Konigsberg   What is Leukemia? September is Leukemia Awareness Month which is a time to raise awareness for leukemia, remember those who have lost their lives

ACS Employment Opportunities

By Jake Konigsberg The American Cancer Society Sitting as the 26th largest non-profit in the United States, the American Cancer Society contains a large network of both volunteers and staff.

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ACS Caregiver Resources

By Jake Konigsberg How does ACS help caregivers? The aim of the American Cancer Society isn’t just to support those diagnosed with cancer, but all those affected by it. This

Summer School 2020

Helpful Links: Youtube Playlist (all of the pre-recorded episodes) Note: Week 5 (Youth) was a live Zoom session. The American Cancer Society On Campus Summer School training is to

Summer School 2021

The American Cancer Society On Campus Summer School training is to be utilized by any ACS volunteer across the nation to provide them with useful tips, information, and resources for

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