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Sponsorship Workshop (2nd Edition)

Recorded September 21, 2023 – the second edition of this training, volunteers from across the country share how they’ve created custom packets for their communities, built relationships with the business

ACS 101

Recorded August 17, 2023 – Where does the money go?  How do donations really make a difference?  For ACS 101, we had two of our ACS funded researchers and staff who

All Things Marketing

Recorded May 18, 2023 – The more the merrier when it comes to people at Relay! How are you spreading the word about your event to get people to join

Wrapping Up Relay Season

Recorded June 15, 2023 – It may not be quite that time yet, but pre-planning always helps! Let’s talk the ins and outs of Wrapping Up Relay Season! Join volunteers from across

Gold and Pink Activation

Recorded July 20, 2023 – September is childhood cancer awareness month and October is breast cancer awareness month.  Join our Gold and Pink experts to talk about different fundraising ideas

Event Experience

Recorded April 20, 2023 – It’s so close to Relay day!  What kind of experience will your participants have?  Join us as we go through your basic event checklist.  Then hear

Survivors & Caregivers

Recorded March 16, 2023 – volunteers from across the country share their ideas and best practices for recruiting and engaging survivors and caregivers in their events. Let’s Talk – Survivors

Recognition University

Recorded March 13, 2023 – a bonus call hosted by National Recognition Committee Leads, Melissa McLain and Shelly Miller.  Join volunteers from across the country to hear how they recognize

Website Emails & Reporting

Recorded March 2, 2023 – a bonus call to go through the rest of the website!  We talk through the reports section then how to set up and send an

Website Customization

Recorded February 16, 2023 – Your website can do more than get people registered and fundraising!  We talk through the BASIC information that needs to be updated, to the EXTRA

Sponsorship Workshop

Recorded January 19, 2023 – volunteers from across the country share how they manage their sponsorship campaign from building their sponsorship packet, to making the ask, to thank your supporters

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