Relay For Life First Lap 2024

Every cancer. Every life. Take your first lap on January 6, 2024.

Join us on January 6, 2024 as we kick off the 2024 Relay For Life season with #RelayFirstLap.

What is #RelayFirstLap?

#RelayFirstLap started with one volunteer’s vision to renew his commitment to Relay For Life and encouraged others to join him. Since then, Joe Gillette’s vision has spread globally and on the first Saturday of the New Year, Relayers worldwide take their first lap of the season together. We invite everyone to continue Joe’s vision and take your first steps of the season with us on January 6.  

What to Expect

Nationwide Relay For Life volunteer lead Suzy Lawrence & Nationwide Campus Relay For Life volunteer lead Isha Sarkar will share a video message that will include a reveal of the 2024 Relay For Life shirt design and more exciting updates for Relay 2024!


The video message will be streamed on the Relay For Life Facebook page & YouTube.


We also encourage each Relay For Life community to host their own RelayFirstLap, whether on January 6 or another time in January. Post your #RelayFirstLap photos on Facebook and tag @RelayFirstLap!


We will also launch our 2024 Registration Challenge on January 6. For more details, visit the challenge page.

Resources & Tools

The following will be available around December 1 on this page to promote First Lap:

  • 2024 #RelayFirstLap Badge/Graphic
  • Social Media Posts
  • Printable “I take my First Lap for __” sign
  • Social Media “I take my First Lap for __” graphic (customizable)
  • Global Relay For Life
    • Translatable “I take my First Lap for ___” sign & graphic
    • #RelayFirstLap Badge/Graphic for use with global partners’ logos
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