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Sue Johnstal

As a caregiver, fundraiser, and advocate for ACS – fighting cancer has become one of my life passions.  My journey started after losing my dad to his fourth cancer.   My family has a daunting history with ten different cancers in just my immediate family.  Besides my dad, mom is a 3-time survivor.  5 of my 8 siblings have battled cancer.  Fortunately, four are cancer free, but one sister has neuroendocrine tumor and her fight rages on.  I am very thankful I have not had cancer.  I am thankful I had the time and resources to be a caregiver for several family members.  But I want to do more!

Relay For Life has given my family something we can do together.  Relay has given us hope in the face of too many cancer diagnoses.  None of us can cure cancer, but we support each other in many ways.  We work together to help raise funds for ACS.  My family’s story truly demonstrates the value of the American Cancer Society.  As a caregiver, I found essential information on and by calling the 800 number.  Other family members have turned to ACS for cancer related questions and concerns.

My family and I believe helping fund research will eventually help our family and others facing cancer.  This is our way of making a difference in the life of someone who hears “you have cancer.”  Through Relay and our Relay family, it is our desire that all cancer patients and their caregivers see the HOPE we share.

My name is Sue Johnstal.  Since 2009, I have participated in Relay For Life as a team member, team captain, in various roles on the Event Leadership Committee, and an ACS CAN member.  I live in Chesterfield Township Michigan with my husband Kurt.  I retired from Chrysler/FCA after 35 years in Facility Management and Graphic Arts.  My husband is a retired chef.  We love all kinds of travel and making our own wine.  I am an avid reader.

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