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Linda Hartley

Linda Hartley is a “hopegiver”, a caregiver to her husband for four years.   She has been involved with Relay For Life since 2014.  There have been 10 different kinds of cancer diagnosed in her immediate family and she does not want to see number 11!

Cancer has taken her dearest family members and made life miserable for family and friends.  When they were diagnosed, she did not know where to turn and had no knowledge of how to help them get through their journey.

She was asked to participate in a local Relay For Life event by a cancer survivor.  “I enjoyed the passion, fun, and dedication to fight cancer with fundraisers, meetings and BOOM…I was hooked!”

She then attended a Relay Summit in Dallas and was inspired to get more involved with the American Cancer Society by one of the researchers who spoke about his findings funded mostly by Relay For Life events.

“I feel that research is the only way to attack cancer of every kind.  And to think, I helped with that through fundraising and luminarias! WOW!  I am passionate about helping as much as possible to get more research funded!”

Linda now lets family and friends know that support is only a phone call or website click away.  She is fully engaged in the battle against cancer and loves making special gifts for survivors and caregivers.

“I look forward to Relay For Life every year!  Talking with people who have gone through cancer’s journey or who have been a caregiver is a real inspiration!”

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