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Carol Philipi

My name is Carol Philipi.  I live in Anaheim, California.  I am a 30-year Relay volunteer, 40-year Caregiver, and almost 5-year Cancer Warrior.

My Relay journey began in 1993 after losing my mom to a 10-year battle with metastatic breast cancer.  In 2011, I once again became a caregiver, this time for my father.  A few years later, it would be for two of my older sisters.  After joining my first Relay For Life in 1993, I quickly learned of the support and services provided by the American Cancer Society. I thought to myself, “Where was this information when we needed it?”  We were completely unaware and uninformed.  My mom could have benefited from many of the programs during that difficult time in her life.  A special moment in my mom’s journey was when she chose to use an experimental form of chemo after a terminal diagnosis.  She said, “If it helps just one person, it will be worth it.”

After thinking about my mom’s statement, I decided it was time to do more.  There were more people that needed to be informed!  In volunteering, I take this to heart every day as I strive to inform the public on the education, advocacy, research, and services that the America Cancer Society can provide.

In early 2018, I became a Voice of Hope as a caregiver.  In November 2018, I would learn that I have Stage 4, terminal, metastatic breast cancer, the same as my mother.  Who knew when she participated in those trial drugs, the one person she would help would be me. I am living a longer life because of some of those drugs.  I have vowed to not let this stop my mission and have coined the word “Carevivor” because becoming a survivor does not stop you from being a caregiver.  From caregiver to survivor to carevivor, it is my desire to help at least one person, each day, to see a glimmer of HOPE in this cancer war.

I BELIEVE in the mission of the mission of the American Cancer Society to save lives, celebrate lives and lead the fight for a world without cancer.

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