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Brenda George

My name is Brenda George and I live in Marysville, Ohio. I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother to nine grandchildren.

Cancer first touched my life when my grandma lost her battle with melanoma many years ago.  Cancer rudely interrupted my life in 2007 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  I went through a seven-hour operation to remove my entire thyroid gland.  The cancer had spread into my lymph nodes and I had radioactive iodine treatment.  Thank God, I have been cancer free ever since!

My faith in God led me to write my book, “Rejoicing Through The Tears-Embracing God’s Hand In Cancer.”  I have been a Voice of Hope since 2012.  I have traveled to many places to speak HOPE and give hugs to all those fighting this devastating disease.  Cancer changed my life forever and I have learned so much, not only from my own journey, but from the journey of  many others as well.  What was once only about my journey, has become about the journey of others.

I will never forget my first Survivor Lap at Relay For Life.  I just broke down and cried, not only for myself, but because of all the others out there fighting. The Survivor Lap shouts VICTORY to the world!  Since then, I lost my fellow Voice of Hope, Ashley, to thyroid cancer.  Ashley and I spoke together at many events.  Now, my beautiful friend, Laura is in a battle of her own with breast cancer.  Because of them and so many others, I will continue to fight until my last breath to raise awareness and to ignite HOPE to everyone I meet!

I am working on my next book, “Warriors Never Quit!”  I do not want to be remembered as the girl who had cancer, but rather as the girl who inspired HOPE!

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