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Amy Graber

My journey with the American Cancer Society started when I became an Oncology Nurse in 1991. As a floor nurse, I quickly began to utilize the resources and information provided by the American Cancer Society. The countless cancer patients I have taken care of throughout the years continue to further my passion for the fight against cancer.  My nursing career progressed where I eventually became an Oncology Nurse Navigator where I was constantly looking through resources provided by ACS to not only stay up on the most recent cancer findings, but also ensure the patients I help have the best treatment experience possible.

I had hoped cancer would never affect my family, but soon after my third child was born in 1999, my grandma passed away from sarcoma.  This fueled the fire inside of me.  I knew I needed to start supporting the organization that not only helped my family, but also my patients.  I began volunteering for my local Relay For Life in 2003 as a participant, but quickly became a team captain and then a part of the event leadership.  Over the years, I have served in numerous roles within the leadership structure, as well as a state volunteer for ACSCAN.  One thing I champion when talking to volunteers at my event and events surrounding me is that change is not only okay, but necessary.  Change is crucial in ensuring the American Cancer Society stays relevant in today’s world.

Since I began volunteering for ACS, I have had more family members and friends diagnosed and passed away from cancer.  My passion continues to grow, because of them and their stories.

My name is Amy Graber. I live in Treynor, Iowa. My three grown boys are my biggest successes.  My passion for a cancer-free world continues.  I am proud and grateful to know that my passion for the fight against cancer lives on through my youngest son who continues my fight as a volunteer on the National Leadership level with ACS.

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