National Campus & Youth Engagement Team (NCYET)

The National Campus & Youth Engagement Team (NCYET) provides support, develops resources, and facilitates the creation of a national network of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to the fight against cancer. Then NCYET partners with regional volunteers to further engage and support each region’s volunteers.

The National Campus & Youth Engagement Team (NCYET) is made up of 14 student volunteers and 5 ACS staff partners who work to provide nationwide strategy and direction to the collegiate and youth fundraising programs.

Learn more about the 2023 – 2024 NCYET team members below.

Caitlyn Risley

Team Co-Lead

Youngstown State University

Dillon Ardabell

National Director, College & Youth Engagement

Sam Keimweiss

Team Co-Lead

Northwestern University


Megan Palestro

ACS On Campus College Chair

Siena College

Sameeha Ahmed

ACS On Campus High School Chair

UC Berkeley

Isha Sarkar

Relay For Life Chair

UC Santa Cruz

Shanay Desai

Global Capacity Chair

Vanderbilt University

Kaitlyn Helt

Recognition & Top Performers Chair

Youngstown State University

Jake Konigsberg

Advocacy Chair

University of Pennsylvania


Jessica Lee

Training & Development Chair

Rutgers University

Maddi Petrow

Mission Integrations Chair

Northern Highlands Regional High School


Ananya Pinnamaneni

Community Liaison Co-Chair

Dougherty Valley High School


Sai Pradhan

Fundraising Innovations Chair

University Of Pennsylvania


Darshita Prathap

Marketing & Communications Chair

UC Berkeley


Hailee Ronnow

Community Liaison Co-Chair

University of Tennessee


Rachael Eerdmans

ACS CAN Associate Director,
Advocacy Volunteer Engagement


Bryan Sherwood

Senior Director, Relay For Life

TiffanyJones 2022

Tiffany Jones

Director, Top Performer & Survivor Engagement

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