The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913 on the principle to save lives, celebrate cancer survivors, and fight for a world without cancer. Cancer affects people of all ages. Everyone has been affected by cancer through a relative, friend, or teacher – the fight is personal.

In 2018, overall 78% of American Cancer Society resources were invested in cancer research, patient support, prevention information and education, and detection and treatment. 

Integrity, compassion, courage, determination, and diversity – the values of ACS drives the work of the hard-working researchers behind break-through cancer studies, volunteers who provide transportation to cancer patients, and the thousands of others who support cancer patients during their journey. Learn more about the American Cancer Society by visiting

Students Making A Difference

Students across the globe are passionate about doing their part to create a world without cancer, one campus at a time. ACS On Campus is the American Cancer Society’s program to empower students in our collective mission against this disease. ACS On Campus chapters are student-led and staff-supported and follow our four focus areas:

  • Fundraising → Fundraising or promoting donations for the American Cancer Society which go toward dozens of ACS-funded research grants, patient services, and support programs.

  • Advocacy → Use your voice to impact our lawmakers that vote on research funding, public health issues, and more.

  • Survivor & Caregiver Engagement → There are cancer survivors & caregivers in each community that benefit from volunteer offering their time to them through small or big acts of service.

  • Cancer Education/Research → Promote cancer awareness within communities through events or word of mouth.

ACS On Campus volunteers help ACS’ mission touch more lives. Each donation goes to saving lives from cancer – such as a 29% decrease in cancer death rates (since 1991) which translates to preventing roughly 2.9 million deaths from cancer. You can get involved with ACS in various ways, such as: 

  • Advocating for increased cancer research funding in Washington D.C. with ACS Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN)
  • Creating healthy activity plans for your local elementary school
  • Calling on your school to ban tobacco and vape on your school’s campus
  • Fundraising for the American Cancer Society through one of our national campaigns or your own innovative idea

Since 2005, the campus movement has raised more than $368,326,587 by volunteering for ACS and changing cancer patient's lives.

Interesting in starting an ACS On Campus chapter? Click your grade level below to connect with us!

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