The American Cancer Society Schools vs Cancer program brings education and community service to your child’s elementary classroom in a fun and exciting way that also allows students to help save lives from cancer.



Students will benefit through…

  • Community service activities

  • Teaching them habits that will enable them to lead healthy lives

  • Unifying your school & community under a common cause – fight cancer!


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Reducing the risk for cancer can start at any age.

The American Cancer Society Schools vs Cancer program helps your child and family start on a lifelong path to healthier living. The program educates students over how to reduce their chance of getting cancer through: physical activity, proper nutrition, sun safety, & tobacco prevention.

While learning healthy habits, students can fundraise for the American Cancer Society and benefit their school while doing so! Schools enrolled in Schools vs Cancer can receive stipends to spend on much needed school supplies through the Incentive Program.

PARENTS: Why should my student participate?

Elementary Schools can host Schools vs Cancer activities in an
one-hour program or up to a weeklong campaign! Activities can include a 25-minute walk around the school, healthy outdoor picnic,
sunscreen stations at recess and more.
See sample program schedules here.
Fundraising can come easy. Encourage competition between classrooms where the winning class gets a water balloon fight with the teachers! See more tips & ideas on how to kick-start fundraising within the classroom.
Explaining cancer to a young student can be difficult. See the “Kid’s Guide to Cancer” to help.
Need to order incentives for your school? Fill out this form and send to an ACS Staff Partner.


Print these permission slips to notify parents of the participation in the Schools vs Cancer program. 

Template letter to parents

Backpack sticker labels

Keep track of incentives

How to scan checks – COMING SOON

Students can use the Fundraising Pledge Form to keep track of their neighbors & family’s pledges for the ACS.

Luminaria are bags the symbolize a loved one who is fighting cancer or to honor those who had cancer. Use the Luminaria Order Form to collect Luminaria dedications & donations.

Use this template to recognize participation or fundraising efforts!

Please email for questions or support.