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College campuses have hosted ACS events such as Relay For Life, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Bark For Life, etc. for over a decade. College students are some of the most dedicated volunteers of ACS – we go canning at football games, play games with cancer survivors at Hope Lodge, and pull an all-nighter to raise awareness and donations to find a cancer cure.


Being an ACS On Campus member during your college career can be rewarding – leadership skills, professional experience in your field of choice, graduation cords and more.

Volunteering for ACS has its perks:


“A lot of people think college is about getting a job at the end of your time there, but I’ve come to realize it is about learning about what makes you want to wake up every day. I’ve realized that volunteering with ACS has filled me with optimism when I wake up in the morning, and satisfaction when I went to bed – no matter how my grades were doing. I’ve felt great fulfillment in knowing that I played a role in helping more people wake up like me – full of hope for a cancer free world.”


– Rosemary L. graduate from MSU

Resource Highlights:

Year Round Ideas – Ideas for activating each ACS On Campus focus area throughout the year.

ACS On Campus Faculty Advisor – tips on being a successful advisor to your ACS On Campus chapter.

Relay For Life Plan, Go, Grow – Planning a RFL event? Use this resource to pace yourself in three stages throughout the year.

ACS On Campus Volunteer Hours Flyer – Looking for how to gain volunteer hours through ACS? Track by utilizing this resource. 

Have any questions, suggestions, or need support regarding your college/university ACS On Campus chapter?


Contact our ACS On Campus College Chair, Megan Palestro, at the form to the right.

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