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Early Detection Saved My Family…and Me!

**The following post is a part of our blog series that we will do each month as a part of our cancer observance mission information.  These courageous cancer survivors are sharing their story…..the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly.  But the great news, thanks to the work of the American Cancer Society, they are with us today and we hope these stories provide inspiration to all who read them. 


Hi, my name is Denise Mohlman and I’m going to tell you a story regarding my family
and early detection.

My story starts with my husband, who is a prostate cancer survivor. His dad had prostate cancer, so I was diligent about making sure he had his yearly PSA blood tests starting at age 45. The year he was to turn 50, he was diagnosed with Prostate cancer.
It was only 3 mm large! We opted for surgery because of his young age. No chemo or radiation required. He got home from the hospital for his 50 th birthday. 20 years ago!

Next is my mom, who is a lung cancer survivor. Because of our family history of many cancers – her new doctor who was also her brothers doctor decided to screen her for lung cancer due to her history of smoking in the past. She had quit smoking over 30
years before. BUT because of that screening, my mom was able to just have a surgery
to remove her cancer. No chemo or radiation required. 15 years ago!

Fast forward to October 2016, I went from caregiver to Cancer Survivor. I went in for
my yearly mammogram. Had to go back for a biopsy. On October 24, 2016, I was told
those three little words. “You have cancer”. I opted for a bilateral mastectomy due to
my family history. I lost a cousin younger than me in her early 30s to breast cancer. No
chemo or radiation for me either!! This was 5 and ½ years ago.

Early detection saves lives. My family is proof of that. We lost members of our family
who didn’t find their cancer early. Get screened! Don’t let anything stop you from
getting screened for all types of cancer that are appropriate for you. The next life you
save may be your own.

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