Fundraising Ideas Database

Virtual Exercise Classes

Location: Virtual

Overhead Cost: $

Expected Return: $$

Complexity: 1


Want to have an exercise fundraiser but cannot find a place to host it? Go virtual! Set up a Zoom call and e-mail participants the link as they pay to participate. Great way to include friends near or far from the comfort of their home. Can include several different instructors and different types of exercise.

Other Fundraising Ideas

World Record Attempt Party

Make a list of world records you think your audience could break, and invite people to participate in doing so! Charge a small fee for the privilege.

Virtual Mother’s Day Tea

Send an invitation and a donation card/self addressed stamped envelope along with a tea bag to women you think would enjoy a cup of tea and make a donation. Check

Polar Bear Plunge

This is a chillingly good fundraiser for colder locales! Have donations based on whether or not your participants are brave enough to jump into the water, or charge a small

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