Countdown to National Cancer Survivor’s Day

On social: Share how you plan to celebrate cancer survivors. Use #Survivors4ACS. Visit Take Back Your Day to see how others are celebrating survivorship!

Fundraising Ideas Database

Push-Up Challenge

Location: In-Person

Overhead Cost: $

Expected Return: $$

Complexity: 1


Do you love to work out?

Combine that love with your love for raising money for the American Cancer Society. Use Social Media to invite your friends to join you in this virtual challenge from the comfort of their home or favorite gym. Can ask for straight donations or per push-up. Don’t forget to link your fundraising page.

Other Fundraising Ideas

Guided Tours / Open House

Collaborate with a local landmark or venue that isn’t normally open to the public and arrange a day for guided tours. Sell tickets in advance. Also offer concessions.

Virtual Mother’s Day Tea

Send an invitation and a donation card/self addressed stamped envelope along with a tea bag to women you think would enjoy a cup of tea and make a donation. Check

Traveling Dinner

Either at homes or at restaurants, groups gather to sample a multi- course meal at multiple (walking distance, ideally) locations. This could also take the form of a local food

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