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Silent Auction

Location: In-Person

Overhead Cost: $$

Expected Return: $$$

Complexity: 3


A silent auction can be a fun and easy way to make money and people like to win things. Participants come and mingle while placing their bids. Items, services, gift certificates, just about anything can donated to auction. Gift baskets are always a hit too!


Need help getting started? Download a sample template for a silent auction here: Sample Silent Auction Template – American Cancer Society Resources (

Other Fundraising Ideas

Breakfast in Bed

Everyone ones loves breakfast in bed, so take this opportunity and use as a fundraiser!

Smash Room / Dish Smash

Collect old and chipped dishes your community no longer uses and hold a dish smashing event. It’s a wonderful way to let anger out!

Dog Happy Hour

Ask your community to bring out their dogs for a happy hour for a reasonable entrance fee. Drinks, dogs, and donations, what more can you can you ask for!

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