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Movies on the Lawn

Location: In-Person

Overhead Cost: $$

Expected Return: $$$

Complexity: 3


Movies on the Lawn are a fun summer time fundraiser! Have everyone bring a blanket and you can accommodate a lot of people. For a fun twist, organize in a field or park, a drive-in. You can charge admission or just ask for donations. Host a concession stand for added donations. Can also host games for the kids to help pass the time until dark.

Other Fundraising Ideas

Dunk Tank

Who doesn’t love the chance to dunk their favorite person (or a complete stranger)? Rent a tank and get to dunking! Charge for 1 – 3 chances. Choose a location

Flush Cancer

Get a toilet, paint it purple and have people make donations for the toilet to be put on family, friends or co-worker’s lawn. To get the toilet removed they must

Hiking Day

We can all use more fresh air! Bring your donors on a hike or nature walk outside your town for a small fee.

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