Fundraising Ideas Database

Inner Tube Water Polo

Location: In-Person

Overhead Cost: $$$

Expected Return: $$$

Complexity: 3


Two competitive teams are pitted against each other for an exciting game of water polo. The catch: the participants must wear ridiculous costumes and always be inside of their polka dot inner tubes! Sell tickets to this crazy game, pump the music, and be sure to stack the first row of seats with super soakers and water cannons and sell 5- minute slots in the “penalty box” so audience goers can torture their favorite players!

Other Fundraising Ideas

Ghost Tour

Does your town have some haunted places? Showcase them and organize a haunted walk – or make the stories up yourself.

Chili Cookoff

This is a great event to host at your office, by having your co-workers bringing their favorite dish. Charge a small fee at lunch to have them sample the dishes

Treasure Hunt

Post clues on social media leading up to the big day, and get teams to participate by following the clues. Apps like Actionbound can also help you create an experience

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