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Relay For Life Fundraising Club Certificates

Relay For Life Fundraising Club Certificates: use this customizable Canva link to recognize team fundraising club levels: Rising Star, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Jade, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Purple, Turquoise, Titanium,

Relay For Life Power of Hope Nomination Form

The Power of Hope Award will be nomination-based to recognize community fundraising events that support and honor cancer survivors in their community. The deadline to submit nomination-based award entries is

Pacesetter Nomination Form

Do you know a leader that would make a great Pacesetter and commit to setting a goal of $2500? Check out this Pacesetter nomination form. After it’s filled out, share

2023 Grand Club and Pacesetter Club

Welcome to the Club! Celebrate reaching that $1000 Grand Club level and the $2500 Pacesetter Level! Once you reach the Grand Club or Pacesetter level, you will receive a gift

2023 Making Strides Rewards Flyer

The ACS Rewards program is our way of thanking you for your creativity and passion! You’ll earn points for every dollar raised to help us end breast cancer as we

RFL Caregiver Celebration Script

From the Let’s Talk Call – Survivors & Caregivers, recorded 3/16/2023 – this script is a meaningful way to recognize your Relay’s caregivers during a Purple Block Ceremony.

Recognition University DGIs

From the Let’s Talk Call – Recognition University, recorded on 3/13/2023 – not all the great ideas were verbalized on the call.  Here are the many DGIs from the chat

Recognition University Slide Deck

PowerPoint slide deck from the Let’s Talk Call – Recognition University, recorded 3/13/2023.  Hosted by National Recognition Committee Leads, Melissa and Shelly.

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