Recruitment Strategy

Whether an event needs event leadership volunteers or team captains, these basic recruitment steps will help a community get started with putting a successful recruitment strategy in place.


Assess your current volunteer situation (teams and ELT) and determine who is coming back so you know the current needs. Also assess, the event experience, what exactly are you recruiting volunteers to?

a.      Bring your existing volunteers together and dive into defining the way you speak about Relay in the community. How do you recruit to something if you are all talking about it differently and what the experience is? Check out this tool to guide your and your team in this discussion.

b.      Call or meet individually with all past team captains and ELT. This is important and the sooner it is done the better. As soon as you know where you currently are, you can determine how far you need to go to get to where you need to be. Plus, individuals who commit can help in the rest of the recruiting process!

c.       During your assessment spend time reviewing the needs of your event. What characteristics are needed on the planning team to help the event grow?   Check out all of the possible ELT/Committee Functions here 

Identify potential areas of the community for recruitment opportunities.

a.      Look at all areas of the community to make the event as diverse and successful as possible.

                                                              i.      Tools to help: The Recruitment Wheel,  RFL Community Assessment Tool, and Circle of Influence   

Put a plan in place, set goals and get everyone involved.

a.      Be sure to document the plan and hold people accountable.

                                                              i.      Tools to help: Recruitment Blitz Planning Guide, Social Media Assets

Take Action

a.      Put the plan in place and make the ask.

                                                              i.      Tools to help: Monthly Tracker

Follow-up, continue to go back to the plan, adding new opportunities and discussing/celebrating win


Recruitment Tips

Recruitment Resources

Pacesetter Nomination Form

Do you know a leader that would make a great Pacesetter and commit to setting a goal of $2500? Check out this Pacesetter nomination form. After it’s filled out, share

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