Fundraising Ideas Database

Silent Disco

Location: In-Person

Overhead Cost: $$$

Expected Return: $$

Complexity: 3


If you haven ’t heard of a silent disco before, it’ s an opportunity for people to dance while listening to their own music through headphones (or for several DJs to play music at once).

There are companies such as that rent everything you need to run a silent disco, so setting up doesn’t need to be difficult. Because there’s no noise, the disco can be held almost anywhere that there ’ s enough space. Popular with teenagers particularly!

Other Fundraising Ideas

Pool Party

Kids and adults alike enjoy a chance to splash around with their pals in a pool and would pay a fair price to do so. Partnering with a public pool

Flush Cancer

Get a toilet, paint it purple and have people make donations for the toilet to be put on family, friends or co-worker’s lawn. To get the toilet removed they must

Smash Room / Dish Smash

Collect old and chipped dishes your community no longer uses and hold a dish smashing event. It’s a wonderful way to let anger out!

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