Fundraising Ideas Database

Garden and Plant Sale

Location: In-Person

Overhead Cost: $

Expected Return: $

Complexity: 1


Help beautify your community. Grow your own plants or purchase from a Nursery if you are short on time. And/or contact a Garden Club and ask members to donate some of their starts.

Other Fundraising Ideas

Egg My Yard

Let children wake up on Easter morning to a yard filled with eggs. Take orders for candy-filled and/or sticker-filled eggs, in time for an Easter surprise. Let our “bunnies” do

Pancake Breakfast

Give your community a chance to mingle with a side of breakfast. All you need is mix, toppings, and a cook.

Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? Hold in the community center or school gym and charge admission. Add a concession stand and/or burgers and hot dogs for an added

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