What is the ACS Bookstore?

By: Jake Konigsberg

The ACS Bookstore is an online store where one can buy books to help navigate life with cancer. This store is only virtual, so it is easy to get involved and buy a book. The books are mostly produced and completely published by the American Cancer Society. Many of the books have won awards for their content and design. The content of these books touch on all parts of one’s life with cancer. The books have all undergone a medical review and vetting process to ensure that all content is accurate. 


There is great variety in the content this bookstore contains, including: 


  • Cookbooks that help ensure one eats the proper delicious and nutritious food during their plight with cancer 
  • Cancer care books such as comprehensive caregiver guides and personal cancer guides that strive to answer the common questions one may have regarding their cancer diagnosis
  • Professional books that discuss all aspects of oncology
  • Books regarding social life with cancer and how couples, friends, and families can best adjust to a cancer diagnosis
  • Juvenile books that are accessible towards children on the topic of cancer that can help kids understand what cancer is while presenting light and digestible content


How to get involved and engage with the bookstore?

The ACS Bookstore is a great resource for those who are or have been affected by cancer. Revenue raised from the bookstore also goes to the American Cancer Society to help the organization continue leading the fight against cancer. There are many ways you can get involved in supporting the bookstore.

The first way to get involved is by creating a book for the bookstore. While many books require an extensive background and knowledge regarding life with cancer, there are also books that outline one’s experience with cancer or an acquaintance’s experience with cancer. Additionally, juvenile books are meant to be fun and accessible with some even written by kids, making this an available opportunity for many to get involved in.

Another way to get involved is by spreading the word about this bookstore. This store is often an under-utilized resource that houses valuable information that can help better one’s life with cancer. Additionally, the ACS Bookstore is rather limited with books as of now, so by spreading the word, you can help expand the bookstore to provide more beneficial resources.

You can also get involved by buying a book that you find helpful or that can help someone you know. The content these books house is vast and vetted, so these books can help complement one’s treatment. Eating healthy, maintaining fitness, and keeping a healthy social life are all things these books help achieve and things that will help provide the best possible outcome when fighting cancer.

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