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Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back. (Heart)

Post 1: Relay For Life is a relay for love! Join the celebration at and lead the fight in your community. #RelayForLifeEVENTNAME Post 2: Relay For Life teams work,

Hope is built by banding together

When we lift each other up, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Join Relay For Life to fight back against cancer together. #RelayForLifeEVENTNAME

Join us – Smile, Laugh, Fight

It takes all of us to make a difference in the fight against cancer. Share the love for our community and sign up at #RelayForLifeEVENTNAME

Crystal – “This is year-round”

Relay For Life is on EVENTDATE, but the fight against cancer happens all year round. Join the fight today by signing up at! #RelayForLifeEVENTNAME

Crystal – “Why do people do Relay For Life?”

At Relay, you’ll meet someone who knows what you’re going through. Join us by signing up at to support our community in the fight against cancer. #RelayForLifeEVENTNAME #WhyIRelay

Jennifer – “Message of Hope”

Hope starts with YOU at Relay For Life! Help end cancer as we know it, for everyone. Sign up today at! #RelayForLifeEVENTNAME

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