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The Power of Recognition

The power of recognition at any level is imperative to success of any organization.  Research has proven that if organizations prioritize their recognition program, they will most likely retain talented volunteers.  Volunteers love what they do and they look forward to sharing their passion.  They want to play an important role in the “Big Picture” of things, that energy and innovation helps organizations be successful.

Recognition can help cultivate a strong relationship.

The impact of recognition to motivate volunteers to do more and be more is the cornerstone of success.

Recognition can happen face-to-face, on social media, in a letter, in public or private- there is no one way fits all, but- recognition is more meaningful when it’s personal and timely.  When you write that thank you note recognize the difference that the volunteer made- provide examples that are personal.  You know the ole cliché don’t put off to tomorrow what can be done today- recognize in a timely fashion.  The recognition will be more impactful if it happens soon after the event and not months later. Recognized volunteers tend to be more satisfied, return, perform better, and are more productive.

We can never pay people enough to care, but recognition has the power to fuel the energy and provide a big boost in passion and that is powerful!

Recognition is the spark that ignites the passion that could be dulling in a veteran volunteer.  Think about the last time you received recognition.  How did it make you feel?

There is something profoundly gratifying about being acknowledged for our efforts and contributions.  It’s an experience that we not only enjoy as human beings- but one we actually need in order to maintain motivation and satisfaction.

Will you provide the spark today?

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