Fundraising Ideas Database

Pie in the Face

Location: In-Person

Overhead Cost: $

Expected Return: $$

Complexity: 1


Have a donation deadline to make and need to raise money quickly? Set an amount, in a certain amount of time, and make your goal, you get “Pied”.

Partner with a friend and the one who raises the least, gets the Pie in the Face.

Other Fundraising Ideas

Themed Fun Run

Pick a theme! Pick a season! Pick a location! Costume contest run through the cemetery at sunset? Ugly sweaters at the holidays? Red dress for Valentine’s Day? Be creative, pull

Educational Clinic

Do you know an expert on a subject? Leverage their knowledge to host a clinic, conference or workgroup. Can even teach a craft’s class.

Virtual Exercise Classes

Want to have an exercise fundraiser but cannot find a place to host it? Go virtual! Set up a Zoom call and e-mail participants the link as they pay to

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