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What is ACS CAN?

What is ACS CAN?

By Jake Konigsberg

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The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) is the sibling organization of the American Cancer Society. Due to the classification of the American Cancer Society as a tax exempt organization, it has many limitations in terms of lobbying to legislators; therefore, ACS CAN’s goal is to partake in the direct lobbying to legislators in favor of funding for cancer research, regulations on dangerous products that can increase the prevalence of cancer, increasing access to care and cancer equity, etc.

What are ACS CAN’s main goals for 2022?

Every year, ACS CAN sets a few major goals which it hopes to achieve. In 2022, these goals include:

  • Lowering healthcare and prescription drug costs – expanding the subsidies and benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act to help expand the access and affordability of health coverage. ACS CAN is pushing Congress to create an out-of-pocket cap in buying prescription drugs, meaning there is a maximum price which producers can put on drug costs ensuring that all Americans can afford life saving medications and treatments. Specifically, ACS CAN hopes to lower the cost of cancer drugs which are particularly expensive and create a $2,000 yearly out-of-pocket cap.

    • To get involved, email your representatives and senators in Congress. You can use the email template found here.

  • Increase funding for life saving cancer screening programs. Just under half of all cancer deaths could be avoided if they are caught earlier. Cancer screenings are tests that look for any signs of the presence of cancer helping catch and fight cancer before it has progressed too far. ACS CAN is specifically focused on breast cancer and cervical cancer because deaths inflicted by these cancers are especially controllable and easily defeated when caught early. ACS CAN is fighting to raise the funds allocated to the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP), which aims at overcoming the racial and geographic disparities in the deaths caused by these easily preventable diseases.

    • To get involved, email your senators in Congress. You can use the email template found here.

  • Pass the DIVERSE Trials Act. This includes requesting that national legislators co-sponsor the DIVERSE Trials Act which aims at making it easier for cancer patients to participate in clinical trials. Additionally, the Act strives to get rid of barriers that prevent various groups such as rural residents and older Americans from being adequately represented in clinical trials. The Act would allow for individuals to receive financial aid to cover the non-medical costs associated with the clinical trials, making it more accessible to all parts of the socioeconomic ladder. It also requires that trial sponsors provide individuals with the required technology for remote participation in such trials.

    • To get involved, email your representatives and senators in Congress. You can use the email template found here.

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About the American Cancer Society

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