Fall 2023 Relay For Life Fundraising Challenge

For more information on the Fall Fundraising Challenge, click here.

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1-Nov Relayers, are you ready to wear your pride on your sleeve? Raise at least $350 between November 1st and November 30th to receive a limited-edition Every cancer. Every life. premium sweatshirt. #everycancereverylife #acs #relayforlife
8-Nov Step 1) Register to participate in your local Relay For Life. Step 2) Raise $350 to receive this limited-edition commemorative quarter-zip sweatshirt. 1+2 = ending cancer as we know it, for everyone. #everycancereverylife #acs #relayforlife
15-Nov You, too, can continue to help the American Cancer Society fund life-saving research efforts. Make an impact in the lives of cancer patients and their families. Raise $350 (11/1-11/30) and receive this premium limited-edition sweatshirt! #everycancereverylife #acs #relayforlife
22-Nov Thank you for raising money for Relay For Life and investing in the mission to end cancer as we know it, for everyone. From the researchers we fund, to the cancer patients and their families that we impact, the GRATITUDE is plentiful. We are truly THANKFUL for the dedicated and hard working Relay For Life volunteers across the Nation.  Every dollar raised fuels the American Cancer Society’s mission! #everycancereverylife #acs #relayforlife
29-Nov It’s not too late! Raise at least $350 before tomorrow night to receive your very own Every cancer. Every life. quarter-zip sweatshirt.  All donations, whether raised online or offline, must be credited to the website by 11:59PM (EST) on Thursday, November 30, 2023. #everycancereverylife #acs #relayforlife
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