Recognizing Top Performers

*All data is not final. This data represents top fundraising during the event year 2023. 

Last Updated on 9/19/23


Congratulations to our current season top fundraisers. Out of all the participants across the country these people have raised the most money. Thank you for all your hard work in helping raise money to help save lives from cancer.

RankNameEvent Amount Raised
1Cliff ForrestRelay For Life of Armstrong County 2023$387,618
2Lindsay ChauvinRelay For Life of St James Parish 2023$346,331
3Judy WaldronRelay For Life of Ascension Parish$149,890
4Coleen FrokeRelay For Life of Douglas County$134,935
5Laura Yaz DeppertRelay For Life of East Valley AZ 2023$107,226
6Gary StreitRelay For Life of Linn County$101,176
7Robert SilipigniRelay For Life of Douglas County 2023$101,091
8Casey GarnessRelay For Life of North County San Diego 2023$92,187
9Erin TietjeRelay For Life of HENRY COUNTY 2023$84,911
10Beckie PatrickRelay For Life of Decatur AL 2023$66,075
11Sherri MaanumRelay For Life of Central Minnesota$57,936
12Jason BergeronRelay For Life of Terrebonne Parish 2023$51,439
13Carolyn CooperRelay For Life of Sarasota Manatee 2023$48,000
14Patty BachmanRelay For Life of Jackson County Presented by America's Preferred Home Warranty$46,461
15Rhonda BarlowRelay For Life of Glynn County 2023$44,978
16Jason MasonyRelay For Life of Medina County 2023$44,802
17Amy McDevittRelay For Life of Woodbridge Township 2023$44,105
18Tracey MorrisRelay For Life of Jefferson County$43,127
19Jay KaliskyRelay For Life of South Oakland County$43,081
20Tabitha DunnRelay For Life of Ascension Parish$40,473
21Donna PurperaRelay For Life of Iberville Parish$39,920
22Donna HermannRelay For Life of Bakersfield, CA 2023$38,539
23Grace WangRelay For Life of Miami Presented by Assurant 2023$38,234
24Lauren Stein-LeachRelay For Life of Iberville Parish$38,100
25Toni GruppRelay For Life of Butler County PA 2023$37,932
26Steve AlderRelay For Life of Lake County 2023$37,114
27Bert ValenkamphRelay For Life of Tippecanoe County, Indiana Presented by Lafayette Cancer Care$36,874
28Chuck Szurszewski and Chris MeserveRelay For Life of Thurston County 2023$35,259
29Pelican Pointe GarageRelay For Life of Venice 2023$35,112
30Dustin LandryRelay For Life of Terrebonne Parish 2023$34,921
31Shelly WeissRelay For Life of Stillwater$34,540
32Kathy BessRelay For Life of Bakersfield, CA 2023$34,371
33Carly ClukeyRelay For Life of the First Coast 2023$34,323
34Kimberly NijhofRelay For Life of Greater Shelby Township 2023$34,224
35Sponsorships 2022Relay For Life of Venice 2023$32,640
36Angela CrabbRelay For Life of the Triad 2023$31,461
37Joy RodasRelay For Life of Douglas County$31,368
38Marsha WeimerRelay For Life of Bakersfield, CA 2023$31,200
39Chris FletcherRelay For Life of Parkland, Coral Springs, Margate and Coconut Creek 2023$30,526
40James BurtonRelay For Life of Thurston County 2023$30,297
41Melissa HardawayRelay For Life of Campbell - Presented by KPMG$30,277
42Jennifer PetersenRelay For Life of Campbell - Presented by KPMG$30,082
43Kelly BandiniRelay For Life of Maynard 2023$29,296
44Sandi BrownRelay For Life of Bakersfield, CA 2023$28,713
45Carol HibbsRelay For Life of Washington County OR$27,649
46Betty AdamRelay For Life of Kutztown and Eastern Berks 2023$27,629
47Cathy CarricoRelay For Life of Marion and Washington Counties$27,372
48Kristin BerlesRelay For Life of Northeast Michigan$27,276
49Steve GarranRelay For Life of Cape Cod$26,728
50Jennifer Biren20th Anniversary Relay For Life of Plainview-Old Bethpage 2023$26,579
51Diane DeVitoRelay For Life of Eastchester 2023$26,292
52Debbie FortinoRelay For Life of Marlton 2023$26,069
53Angel GeiserRelay For Life of Moniteau County$25,922
54Diana IsgurRelay For Life of Maynard 2023$25,865
55Missy HornickRelay For Life of Western Stearns County$25,653
56Ronald WoodmanseeRelay For Life of Marlton 2023$25,297
57Shelley and Jonathan SprouffskeRelay For Life of Thurston County 2023$25,070
58Joanne MabreyRelay For Life Troup County 2023$25,036
59Karen WoldahlRelay For Life of Decatur AL 2023$25,005
60Joshua RicheyRelay For Life of Dearborn and Ohio County$24,559
61David RandRelay For Life of Torrance$24,331
62Moochie DonatucciRelay For Life of Riverview 2023$24,279
63Jean HuttoRelay For Life of Decatur AL 2023$24,000
64Sharon GroffRelay For Life of Lancaster County 2023$23,798
65Gail GoodhartRelay For Life of Lancaster County 2023$23,677
66Stanley CherrieRelay For Life of Leavenworth County$23,674
67Jamie BorgognoniRelay For Life of Bolivar County Presented by Cannon Motors$23,517
68Diane DenoyerRelay For Life of Grand Traverse 2023$23,514
69Rebecca KinmanRelay For Life of Effingham County 2023$23,502
70Mary LodgeRelay For Life Southern Montgomery County 2023$23,354
71Diana HumphriesRelay For Life of Greater Shelby Township 2023$23,327
72Joelle DonaldsonRelay For Life of Corona 2023$23,302
73Michelle TibbettsRelay For Life of Shawnee County 2023$23,271
74Becky McMichael HolifieldRelay For Life of Wayne County$23,232
75Pamela BaldwinRelay For Life of Greenville$22,739
76Robyn CatlinRelay For Life of Carroll County$22,658
77Mary HallettRelay For Life of Thurston County 2023$22,632
78Barbara ArdaryRelay For Life of Central Clearfield County and Moshannon Valley 2023$22,624
79Joshua HoytRelay For Life of Farmington$22,601
80Tamara ReavesRelay For Life of Greene County and Lakeway$22,012
81Jan GrossRelay For Life of Matawan 2023$22,008
82Denise AbelRelay For Life of HENRY COUNTY 2023$21,895
83Jo Anne LarkmanRelay For Life of Medina County 2023$21,789
84Holly HollmanRelay For Life of Limestone County 2023$21,350
85Ron MietznerRelay For Life of Effingham County 2023$20,776
86Kelly McCulloughRelay For Life of North Tampa 2023$20,707
87Lori FreedRelay For Life of Wissahickon Valley 2023$20,620
88Heather UtsetRelay For Life of Miami Presented by Assurant 2023$20,587
89Annette PorterRelay For Life of Torrance$20,479
90Salena Harrington - PassafiumeRelay For Life of Vermilion Parish$20,300
91Julie GianoRelay For Life of Plainville Bristol Southington 2023$20,295
92Jeremy LarkinsRelay For Life of The Eastside 2023$20,080
93Joanne RodriguezRelay For Life of Pembroke Pines and Miramar Presented by City of Pembroke Pines, City of Miramar, Memorial Cancer Institute and Kazma Family Foundation$20,050
94Brent CrossmanRelay For Life of Greater Lansing MI$19,921
95Mick PaternosterRelay For Life of Greater Waterbury 2023$19,781
96Patricia HodgsonRelay For Life of Hamilton and Wayne Counties 2023$19,647
97Elias VillarrealRelay For Life of Bakersfield, CA 2023$19,600
98Brenda WalravenRelay For Life of Greater Athens Area 2023$19,557
99An Evening Of HopeRelay For Life of Washington County 2023$19,532
100Jennifer LyonsRelay For Life of Shelby County$19,344
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