Fundraising Ideas Database

Online Product Parties

Location: In-Person

Overhead Cost: $

Expected Return: $$

Complexity: 1


Do you know someone with a home business selling products? Set up a virtual party and ask them to give a portion of the proceeds to Relay For Life!

Invite all your friends/family/co- workers/church friends/Relayers, etc. Give prizes for interaction with the party. Have fun – Raise lots of money!

Example partners:

Other Fundraising Ideas

Color Run

Set up colored powder stations, get participants to wear white t-shirts, and let the colorful mayhem ensue! If you hold it in a populated area, you’re bound to get intrigued

Facebook Fundraising

Facebook Fundraising lets you supercharge your efforts by simplifying the way you raise money through your inspiring social posts. All the money you raise on Facebook will automatically be counted

Pancake Breakfast

Give your community a chance to mingle with a side of breakfast. All you need is mix, toppings, and a cook.

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