Countdown to National Cancer Survivor’s Day

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Summer School 2021

Graphic of direction board for ACS On Campus Summer School 2021

The American Cancer Society On Campus Summer School training is to be utilized by any ACS volunteer across the nation to provide them with useful tips, information, and resources for the upcoming school year! They will be hosted by members of the 2021 National Campus & Youth Engagement Team!

WEEK 1 - Intro to ACS

Starts June 14

Quick & easy information about the American Cancer Society for beginners! What does ACS do? Where can I find resources? We’ll answer all your questions.

Quick & easy information about the American Cancer Society for beginners! What does ACS do? Where can I find resources? We’ll answer all your questions.

Volunteer Essentials

Looking to up your volunteerism game? ACS has PLENTY of training resources and content for volunteers to use during events, on social media, or training your organization.

Relay Connect

Brand Toolkit (How to sign up for BTK support)

Volunteer Learning Center

ACS On Campus/Campus Relay For Life Facebook Page

WEEK 2 - Fundraising

June 21 - June 25

Even if the school year ended, you can still fundraise year-round! Tips, tricks, & new ideas – oh my! Check out the graphics below for our Fundraising Innovations Chair, Paige’s tips of the week!

Want to learn how to keep your fundraising going during the summer? Find our FUNd in the Sun resources here.

WEEK 3 - Mission

June 28 - July 2

What patient services & programs does ACS provide? Where does the money go? Tune in while our Mission Chair, Murphy, breaks down the 9 focus groups of our mission to fight cancer at every angle.

Want to share your cancer story with ACS On Campus? Email [email protected].

Tobacco Cessation

Did you know that lung cancer deaths make up 25% of all cancer deaths? Tobacco cessation is a huge part of our mission to decrease cancer deaths. We hope to education the public on the dangers of tobacco and e-cigarettes through the Great American Smokeout (GASO) in November!

HPV Vaccine

HPV or human papillomavirus causes 6 types of cancers but with the HPV vaccine, they are all completely preventable. ACS is working to prevent thousands of deaths by increasing access to the vaccine in areas that have never had it before.


ACS works hard to increase overall screening rates and access to care for all. Screening including mammograms, self-exams, or routine check-ups with your doctor. Find out more about screening here.

Obesity/HEAL Program

Lifestyle factors such as diet, physical activity, and body weight play into your cancer risk. HEAL or Healthy Eating, Active Lifestyle program encourages people to think of their cancer risk. Find out more about healthy lifestyle choices here.


After a cancer diagnosis, ACS and our partners make sure the patient’s treatment goes as smooth as possible.

Road to Recovery is a program for volunteers to give free rides to treatment appointments.

Hope Lodge is a place for cancer patients and their caregivers to stay during treatment for FREE – there are 23 Hope Lodges in the US and Puerto Rico.


ACS is working to increase screening access and improve accuracy of screening to catch cancer early.

WEEK 4 - Advocacy

July 5 - July 9

Getting involved in cancer lobbying is a great way to make monumental change in your state and the whole country.


Intro to Advocacy

ACS’ Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) is the nonprofit & nonpartisan organization fighting for cancer research funding, patient services, and more. Listen in on how ACS CAN lobbies our lawmakers to fight for cancer survivors every legislation session.

Find more about ACS CAN at

Lobbying for the Cancer Community

ACS CAN Lobby Days happen once a year where volunteer speak with lawmakers about important issues. Hear stories of our NCYET team members who have participated in their state’s Lobby Days.

Fundraising For ACS CAN

Donations to ACS CAN go towards lobbying, researchers, survivors, and the annual Lights of Hope event. You can also become an ACS CAN member for $5 a year!

ACS CAN's 2021 Federal Agenda

Every year, ACS CAN choices the most important upcoming legislation to focus on what will help cancer patients’ lives the most. Listen in to this year’s priorities.

Cancer Advocacy & Petitions

Lobby Days only happen once a year, but you can advocate year-round through petitions! You can start your own or with your organization! Find more out here.


Example – Is your campus Tobacco or Smoke Free? Consider talking with your student government to advocate for a healthier campus! Read more here.

WEEK 5 - All About Global

July 12 - July 16

Intro to Global

Global initiatives are a big part of the American Cancer Society’s mission. Tune in with Jenna and Cameron to learn more about ACS’ amazing global work this week!


See the shareable graphics for your campus Instagram below!

Global Cancer Control Team

Our mission is to fight cancer at every angle, and this couldn’t be done without the work of the Global Cancer Control team. To learn more about their progress around the globe, click here!

WEEK 6 - How to Get Involved

July 19 - June 23

There are plenty of ways to volunteer with ACS and make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Introduction to ACS On Campus

We’ve learned a lot this summer school, but how can we bring it all together? Stay tuned & let Kira and Josie help you out!

ACS On Campus Focus Areas - Research/Education, Advocacy, Fundraising, & Patient Services

Recruitment & Working With Administration

If you are working to start an ACS On Campus chapter, you must recruit students on your campus and get support from your school administration.

Elevator Pitches & Planning Resources

Prepare & Pitch! Your passion for ACS should shine through when discussing ACS, how can you persuade something to support ACS?

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