June: National Cancer Survivor Month 2022

By Jake Konigsberg


What is National Cancer Survivor Month?


Every June is devoted to celebrating those who have previously fought or are currently fighting cancer. It is not an easy battle, so those who fight it must be celebrated, remembered and supported during their journey. Fortunately, the rate of survival is increasing each and every year. By celebrating this month and those fighting cancer, we hope to encourage and revitalize the fight to provide inspiration, hope, and optimism to cancer patients and their families. This month is a reminder that we are in this fight together.

Congrats to all 16.9 million cancer survivors in the U.S. this year!

American Cancer Society image of Cancer Survivors Month. A women laughing with title "Celebrating 16.9 million survivors"


What is the National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center?

The American Cancer Society provides a large variety of resources to survivors to help aid and support the transition from treatment to recovery. The National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center, found here, is a great resource for survivors to improve their overall health following their cancer battle.

One specific resource is the Life After Treatment Guide, found here. This resource is a comprehensive document providing information about the lasting effects of one’s treatment and how one can best adapt and live with such effects. Additionally, tips are provided to manage health and wellness, both physically and mentally. The goal is to ease one’s transition back to living a life free of cancer. It is tough after facing a rigorous fight that is draining, and the American Cancer Society understands and hopes to help make the transition easier. The document also provides a variety of resources both those provided by ACS and other organizations to help survivors ranging from emotional support to the stories of other survivors.

Another amazing resource is the Cancer Survivors Network found here. This one of a kind resource provides cancer survivors with a place to talk with others who have also had to fight cancer. Being able to make new friends, get some advice and talk through struggles and issues one may be facing is extremely important, and this resource helps cancer survivors do just that. The Cancer Survivors Network lists a multitude of different general types of cancers with each having thousands of topics and discussions going on. This is the perfect place to connect with others and engage in very niche and specific discussions.

ACS also offers information about recommended nutritional and physical activities for survivors to help them lead the healthiest and safest lives following their fight with cancer, which can be found here. Included in this resource is specific nutritional information such as mineral and vitamin supplements and an overview of what one should pay attention to to ensure they have a safe and healthy diet. It also provides exercise information detailing what one should do based on their physical condition and status of their health. This guide is an extremely helpful resource that has information helping those of various disease statuses, providing a general and simple overview about essential information to ensure that cancer survivors lead healthy lives.