ACS Employment Opportunities

By Jake Konigsberg

The American Cancer Society

Sitting as the 26th largest non-profit in the United States, the American Cancer Society contains a large network of both volunteers and staff. While volunteers are an integral part of every level, they are led by experienced and knowledgeable staff who provide assistance, knowledge, and support along the way. The American Cancer Society has built a presence in over thousands of communities within the 50 states, U.S. territories and its international partnerships. The employees are a driving force in the impacts of ACS and the changes it induces. With that being said, what are the different employment opportunities in ACS? The answer to that question and more is the focus of this blog post.


American Cancer Society Employment Types

Since ACS has so many employees with different focuses, it will not be possible to review every employment category. This post, however, will try to cover a few of them with the goal of providing a diverse sense of the different ways one may get involved. 


  • Development Managers & Coordinators – ACS employs hundreds of Development Managers and Coordinators that plan, support, and strategize to implement fundraising events around the country alongside the ACS volunteers in the local area. Development Managers meet with donors in the community and introduce the American Cancer Society’s programs and services to new constituents. To find out more about Development Manager positions, click here.
  • Cancer Research and Implementation – This wing focuses on conducting research to understand the causes of cancer, how it can be prevented, and various treatments. Beyond work at the bench, there are initiatives to expand the findings to society through publicizing the information collected in their research. In this area, jobs range from being a scientist on cancer disparity research, analyzing various determinants of health on disparities in cancer outcomes, to being a Director of Risk Factors and Screening Research, heading cancer control planning and Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Facts and Figures. To learn more about the highly specialized opportunities in this area, click here
  • Community Health Services  – This area of employment places an emphasis on supporting the community through helping cancer patients, survivors, and afflicted families. Additionally, this sector strives to spread cancer prevention information and educate the community. In terms of jobs available, there are few in this area. One example of a job, however, is a Special Populations Medical Editor. In this job, one develops, writes, and edits the cancer information that is evident on the American Cancer Society website. There is also a specific focus in developing resources and information to address healthcare disparities ensuring the information reaches all communities in need of it. To learn more about the opportunities offered, click here.
  • Hope Lodge – Hope Lodges across the country offer free, temporary housing for both cancer patients and families undergoing treatment. The goal of this facility is to make receiving cancer treatment accessible and to provide supervised and knowledgeable care. Jobs in this area range from being a Hope Lodge Coordinator, ensuring policies and procedures are followed and managing constituent relations, to being a Senior Manager, directing all Hope Lodge operations. For more information about available jobs, click here.


  • ACS CAN – The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) is the advocacy branch of the American Cancer Society and aims to lobby for cancer fighting legislation. Working in ACS CAN means assisting to drive advocacy efforts and encouraging them in the local community. From being a Grassroots Manager, coordinating advocacy events in your area, to being a Science Policy Project Manager, conducting policy and legislative research and analysis, there are a variety of different opportunities through ACS CAN to help make an impact in the field of advocacy. To learn more about available positions, click here.


ACS has many available jobs and employment opportunities that offer a platform to make a meaningful impact in the way of cancer care. ACS also emphasizes values among employees such as integrity, compassion, courage, diversity, and determination that makes this organization a particularly hospitable environment. Overall, pursuing employment opportunities through ACS is another way to advance the fight against cancer.

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