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Complete a Challenge and Inspire Others in the Fight Against Cancer.


It all begins with a challenge. The choice is yours. You can choose a challenge from our suggested list or create one of your own. Make it fun and something you can livestream and have others cheer you on.


After you choose your challenge, it is time to set up your fundraising campaign! Utilizing the Tiltify website, you will create your account, set up your website with information about your challenge, set your fundraising goal and milestones and you are good to go.


Now that you have picked your challenge, and set up your fundraising campaign, it is time to inspire others! Share on your social media pages and be sure to livestream. Encourage everyone you know to donate and be sure to let them know what to expect when you hit certain milestones of fundraising. Then, when your goal is met, it’s time to livestream for everyone to see you complete your challenge.

What is ACS Challenge Me?

Challenge Me started as an idea for new ways to raise new funds to fight cancer during summer 2022, that engages people of all ages and in all communities. The foundation is to simply have fun and raise funds by using a digital approach via live stream so others can see you complete your challenge to support the fight against cancer. The length of commitment is based on your challenge, how much you want to raise, and how you plan to utilize your networks to quickly raise funds.

Exercise – Do 100 Squats/Push Ups/Etc.


Top Comment Request


Lip Sync To A Song of the Audience’s Choosing


Take A Shower With Your Clothes On

Color Your Hair/Cut Your Hair/Shave Your Head


Do Everything In Handcuffs For One Day


Dance With No Music For One Minute


Break A Dozen Eggs On Your Head

Eat A Dozen Spicy Wings


24-Hour “Yes” Day


Attempt To Do A Magic Trick


Let The Group Pick A Number for a Contact In Your Phone, Call That Person and Sing Them a Random Song for 30 Seconds.

How To Sign Up

Utilizing Tiltify for the first time?
Follow along with our video below to set up your Challenge Me Campaign.

How To Guides


By registering on the Challenge Me 2022 website and posting a fundraiser, participants agree to comply with all posted rules, and agree that they are performing any challenge activities completely voluntarily and assuming any risks created by the challenge they undertake. 

The following activities are prohibited as part of any challenges: (1) any activity that violates the law or applicable school or organization polices; (2) consumption of alcohol or other drugs; (3) nudity or sexual activity; (4) denigrating others on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other category protected by law or applicable policy; or (5) any activity that creates an unreasonable risk of physical or emotional harm.


Have questions or need help with your Challenge Me campaign? Email us at [email protected]
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