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Divergent Paths: A Health Equity Story

Access to quality healthcare is not a privilege, but a right. The American
Cancer Society is dedicated to advancing health equity.

In order to change the narrative around cancer disparities, we must all
commit to listening, learning, and continuing the conversation.

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How to Manage Staff Partner Changes

With many recent staff changes occurring at many levels of ACS leadership,
we wanted to provide some tips and suggestions on how to navigate these
staff partner changes in a positive way to establish a great relationship
and make your ACS On Campus chapter and/or campus event as great as it can

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ACS Discovery Shops

The American Cancer Society Discovery Shops are resale stores whose
proceeds go towards the ACS mission.

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April: Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Every April is focused on creating a community consciousness about the
effects of testicular cancer and increasing support for it. Testicular
cancer is found in males and occurs in the testicle. It is a rare and
treatable cancer.

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